Gilbert Spruance Elementary School would like to thank the following people and organizations for their whole-hearted support in this project. We certainly could not have accomplished this without their help in advising and teaching us this new and wonderful technology.

America Online for funding our idea and encouraging us to make an 'Historical, Cultural and Scientific Philadelphia Virtual Panorama' website a reality.

Veronica Wentz from The Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Corporation for recognizing the creativity of our project, the skills of Philadelphia school children and the benefits of the project to Philadelphia. Her constant support was invaluable. Through her efforts we gained access to and support from historic, scientific and cultural sites throughout the city.

Charles Simon from Major 7 Media, Inc. for sharing his expertise. He was a joy to watch as he taught our students the technology necessary to complete our project. His patience and understanding were endless. Without him there would be no Spruance Virtual Reality.

Councilman James Kenney from Philadelphia City Council for his support and vision of this project's ability to advance Philadelphia on a national level.

Andi Coyle from Historic Philadelphia for her historical insights and for helping us gain access to the historic sites that would add to the uniqueness of this project.

Steve Zalot from Apple Computer for inspiring us to pursue this project

Brett Burstein for helping us with our Web page.

Paul Hamphill and hisTech Team from Washington High School for helping us with our first "shoot."

Patricia K. Reilly, Principal and the staff of Spruance School for their enthusiasm and cooperation in fulfilling the goals of our project.

Harris Lewin, Northeast Cluster Leader, for his administrative support of a project that showcases the abilities of Philadelphia students and their teachers.

Kaidan Virtual Reality Imaging Equipment for their advice and help in the choice and use of the proper equipment necessary for bringing our ideas to fruition.

Earth Station for hosting our web page and coming to our rescue.

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