Lessons and Activities

Every Other World of History
Historical Alphabetical Poetry
Poetical Ponders
Historical Connections
Literature Lost
Countries With Hints
Historical Portrait
Art Portrait
Narrative Historical Poetry
Hidden Countries
Friends of History
Write the News
If I Were in Charge of the World
They Come In
Philadelphia Literature
What's In A Name
Choose An Adventure
History T-Shirt
It Can Be Done
Speaking Of Adventures
Adventure Starter
The History Graph
Historic Site Graph
Two At A Time History
Patriotic Math Ladder
Liberty Bell Acrostics
Name Squares
Characters of History
Number & Letter History
Rhyme A History
Every Other World of History
Philadelphia Gram
Home Run Hitting Inventors
Three Historic Vowels
A For Effort
Historic Analogies
Liberty Bell Facts
Country/State Squares
History Enhancers
The End Name Game
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